Mavron Quartet

Date: 29/09/2017
Venue: Eglwys St John, Caerdydd / St John's Church, Cardiff
Time: 19:30

The Mavron Quartet perform:

Shostakovich String Quartet No. 8

Stravinsky Three Pieces for String Quartet

Tchaikovsky String Quartet No.1

Russia’s composers have gained a permanent place in the history of the world’s classical music. Some laid down the rules of composition, while others smashed those rules. Still others preserved Russia’s folkloric music in their pieces, or re-imagined medieval music. Some have even sought to define the music of the future. It is these great, evocative composers that The Mavron Quartet will explore throughout the centenary celebrations of 2017. 

Russian classical music has a distinctive history, separate from Western Europe and at the same time highly influenced by Western countries. During 2017, The Mavrons will explore a range of diverse quartets to show the growth, change and dramatic influence that Russian composers had on the development of the string quartet repertoire. From Tchaikovsky and Gliere, composers who integrated rich and fresh folk-like themes, blending ‘eastern’ and ‘western’ elements with the Classical form, to composers like Shostakovich, a child of the Revolution who gave voice to the sufferings and triumphs of the Soviet people in one of the most turbulent and revolutionary periods in history.

Shostakovich’s 8th String Quartet will play a key role in this year’s celebrations; a quartet that is hugely reminiscent of the terrible and inspiring events of the period in which he lived. The sufferings of his native land are expressed throughout his music, and it is seen as a ‘true’ reflection of the music he wanted to write. 

One of a series of concerts by the Mavron Quartet celebrating Russian music.