The Cherry Orchard

Date: 13/10/2017 to 28/10/2017
Venue: Theatr y Sherman / Sherman Theatre; Caerdydd / Cardiff
Time: 14:00; 19:30

Sherman Theatre presents


Bloumfield sits on the sun-kissed south Pembrokeshire coast; a rambling, ramshackle old manor house where Rainey raised her children, surrounded by golden beaches and lush green orchards. But the death of her beloved son and husband sent Rainey fleeing to London, abandoning what remained of her family. Now, with the bank threatening to repossess, Rainey’s daughters drag her back to Bloumfield. Rainey will have to face her ghosts – and her furious daughters – or lose everything.

One of the greatest of all plays and written shortly before the Russian Revolution, Chekhov’s comedy captures a world on the brink of social upheaval. It is a witty, compassionate study of humanity’s flaws, foibles and our refusal to face what is right in front of us. This radical reworking from writer Gary Owen and director Rachel O’Riordan places the action in early 80s Britain, at the dawn of another revolution – the Thatcher regime, which swept away the post-war consensus and created the country we live in today.

A re-imagining by Gary Owen

Director Rachel O'Riordan

Designer Kenny Miller

Lighting Designer Kevin Treacy

Composer and Sound Designer Simon Slater