Diffusion: Cardiff International Festival of Photography

Date: 01/05/2017 to 31/05/2017

The last hundred years have seen dramatic and wide-reaching changes to the way we live – technological, political, social and cultural. The Russian revolution in 1917 heralded the golden age of modernism, in a world still divided by socio-economic inequality, war and political upheaval, including the long road to freedom and independence for those living under colonial rule. Post-1945, the reconstruction of Europe and the Baby Boomer generation saw momentous changes in manufacturing and the rise of mass consumerism, the civil rights movement, the cultural revolution, the sexual revolution, feminism, the green revolution, the digital revolution, perestroika and the so-called ‘velvet revolution’ that, together with the fall of the Berlin Wall, ended the Cold War.

Revolutionary change requires a challenge to the established order, protest and rebellion, insurgency, risk and experimentation, new ideas and ideologies, and transformational processes. The recent Arab Spring uprisings remind us, nonetheless, how bitter and protracted the revolutionary struggle can be.

Diffusion 2017 will examine revolutionary changes in our lives through the prism of photography and lens-based media, looking at how photographic and digital imaging technologies have generated new interdisciplinary practices and alternative modes of artistic expression. Diffusion offers a month long programme of exhibitions, interventions, screenings, performances, events and celebrations in both physical and virtual spaces and places. The excitement of directly participating in the festival, and the international reach and visibility of the event, is further enhanced through printed and online publications, websites, mobile content and discussion on social media platforms.